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Social Filters Be Gone!!

Oh yes we did!!

on 03/23/2010

“Yes we can”. President Obama’s campaign slogan and damned if he was right. In a historic move, President Obama signed the Health Care Overhaul that he’s been campaigning for since 2007. To this, I say “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!” It’s about damn time.

I know that many of my friends and relatives, liberal as they might be, are solidly against this measure, and for good reason. They’re tired of their taxes having to pick up the slack of the poor citizens of this country. They’re tired of seeing the blatant corruption of the welfare system by junkies, alcoholics, irresponsible parents, and those with a sense of entitlement, that they’re OWED by the system for whatever reason.

I don’t blame those opposed to this measure, for those reasons. The Gods know that there is rampant misuse of the system, and in many cases, stricter restrictions, harder compliances and harsher punishments need to be doled out to those who milk the system. And believe me, I’ve seen some of the worst of it, such as alcoholics who want to pay for their fix with their Benefit cards, and immigrants in designer clothes and enough gold to supplement the U.S. Mint buying filet mignon with Food Stamps. These people should most definitely be investigated, charged and fined. Unfortunately, the sleaze and fraud within the system itself denounces these actions, and makes it easier for those trying the fleece the American public to do so.

I consider myself quite lucky to have health insurance at the moment. However, I’ve been on the other side of the coin, as have many members of my family. I’ve been without money, insurance and a way to feed and care for my family. I’ve had to go the Medicaid route. It wasn’t pleasant. When you’re pregnant and sick and need a way to care for both you and your unborn child, the stringent measures applied to U.S. citizens are a far cry from what is freely offered immigrants from the moment they step off the boat or out of the plane. I was actually threatened by a Social Services employee that they would take my child away if I couldn’t care for him. This was when I had gone to this “counselor” for HELP, and had lived on macaroni and cheese for various stages of time in order to provide adequate nutrition for my child. I went without so that he could have everything he needed.

My sister, who struggles to make ends meet, has been repeatedly turned down for several different state-run medical plans because she “makes too much money”. She works two jobs to pay rent, utilities and food, and doesn’t have enough left over to pay for private medical insurance. And yet, she’s considered too prosperous to qualify for state medical. She’s had to shell out thousands on doctors and dentists in order to maintain her health, and if Gods forbid she ended up in hospital, she’d be fucked. There is no way should could pay for even a two day hospital stay without insurance.

What kind of sense does it make, that both my sister and I, who have paid into the system since we were teenagers, cannot get health insurance? Because I’m going to be in her boat soon. Come September, the health insurance I have through my ex will run out, and I know I’m going to have a hell of a time getting insurance, especially considering my medical history. I’m already freaking out because the gynecologist I’ve been with for 8+ years doesn’t accept ANY of the Medicaid plans. I’m going to have to start from scratch with multiple new doctors, IF I am able to get insurance. Obama’s Health Care Reform might make my life a bit easier in that respect.

I understand that many people, already under a financial crunch because of the economy, feel they shouldn’t have to pay more and get less. I get that. But until you’ve walked a mile in the shoes of someone without coverage, don’t assume you know what it’s like and what people can and can’t do without. President Obama is doing his JOB, making sure ALL Americans are cared for and have the means necessary to live healthy, productive lives. Think about that.


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